Boycie Ambull xStaff DofB 27.08.19 New Romney Kent Foster

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Re: Boycie Ambull xStaff DofB 27.08.19 Gatwick Kenns

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Had another perfect walk with Boycie, and today we were joined by Kirby. They respected each other’s space, but were both glad to have company! Boycie preferred to be next to or in front of Kirby, and would run to catch up if he got left behind! 0002.gif] Those muddy puddles really are an enemy, but he’ll always find the driest route round! love4.gif He took particular interest in squirrels today, and there was a bit of pulling to get at them. But with a bit of a cuddle he was distracted and back to his relaxed walking.
Boycie checking that Kirby isn’t too far behind
Boycie checking that Kirby isn’t too far behind
He really is an absolute dream positivo1.gif
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Re: Boycie Ambull xStaff DofB 27.08.19 New Romney Kent Foster

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So collected Boycie on Thursday, and got him back to the house in time for a nice walk around the block to meet Hattie. This went well. Here he is later that night, which he spent in our bed, as nothing would make him stay in his bed at the foot of the bed......
He is getting loads of walks, here on the beach Friday
Imageafternoon love poems
We also stocked up on some toys, strangely, he is not keen on the kong....but loves the treat ball
Tired out after a busy day

He is mixing OK with Hattie, but wants to play a lot which is a shame she is just not up to it, but it's not really an issue as she spends most of her day in bed asleep!! Shame they did not meet a few years ago when she would have reveled in someone to chase around...

We have discovered he is not really house trained and bizarrely, does not pee or poop hardly at all when out. And he is pretty excited when he meets other dogs, I think he has missed out on all proper socializing and training in his previous home.

Everyone in the house has fallen for his charm though and although its like having a puppy all over again, we are all enjoying having him, I am certainly getting my steps in, 15K a day !!

I am pretty confident that over the next few weeks with some training work, ( already started) we can start to get him where he needs to be. He is a sweet affectionate boy, just loads of energy and desperate for human attention, he follows me around everywhere now....!
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Re: Boycie Ambull xStaff DofB 27.08.19 New Romney Kent Foster

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Gorgeous boy, hope he settles. :goodluck.gif:
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