How to Reduce the File Size of a Photo

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How to Reduce the File Size of a Photo

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If you ever receive the following message when trying to upload a photo:
'The file is too big, maximum allowed size is 500 KiB'

There is a website that can reduce the size for you

To do this follow these simple instructions:
Choose File - (where the photo is held on your pc/laptop)
Upload Image you'll see two versions old and new
Next to the New size box if width box is ticked ensure size is no greater than 640 or width 480
Apply changes
Download Image (wherever the photo has saved too eg: computer;local disc;users;downloads), it's now ready to upload onto the forum.

When you are uploading photos can you please remember to click on Place Inline rather than leave them as attachments as this will save on file storage on the server.

Please pm me if you need help on any of the above.

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