Jack Patterdale DofB 08.08.11 Redhill Surrey

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Re: Jack Patterdale DofB 08.08.11 Gatwick Kenns

Post by sibirro » Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:21 pm

had a great walk with the lovely jack pat on tuesday he never disappoints always good company and walked v well and is def gaining confidence and i am sure he will thrive when he finds his new loving home

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Re: Jack Patterdale DofB 08.08.11 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Elaine.scott1 » Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:08 pm

Walked the gorgeous handsome Jack this morning, he was in the mood for a brisk walk through the woods. We passed,Ralf only a small bark then off we went. It still amazes me how well Jack is doing now with his walks. We stopped for a couple of treats and cuddles. More treats back in his kennel!!, please consider Jack for his forever home, he has so much love to give. angel13.gif]

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Re: Jack Patterdale DofB 08.08.11 Aldershot

Post by xxlynne » Sat Jul 07, 2018 6:30 pm

(Since Returned)
Jason, Charlotte have been following Jack's thread and today came to meet him and see if Shadow their Pattie could offer him brotherly love

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Bailey & George will soon meet Jack and hopefully Jack & Shadow will settle in their new and wonderful venture

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Re: Jack Patterdale DofB 08.08.11 Aldershot

Post by jdanvers » Sun Jul 08, 2018 12:51 pm

(Since returned)
We arrived home with Jack and Shadow, Saturday late afternoon after a good car journey home.
Jack made himself at home almost instantly taking a large drink of cold water on his entrance to the kitchen and meeting our youngest son, George, who he took an instant like too love4.gif
Shadow and Jack then explored the house and garden together, Shadow leading the way.
Both Shadow and Jack then enjoyed a bowl of biscuit each. Jack woofed his down within a minute or two, whilst Shadow is more of a sedate eater. Shadow rarely finishes his meals in one hit so Jack moved in and promptly emptied the remains of Shadows bowl. Shadow showed no signs of anger towards Jack for this and seemed happy to share with him.
Jack then proceeded to head straight for a 2ft long bone that Shadow had received for Christmas, but had barely touched (it is larger than Shadow and he'd always found it a bit of a challenge). Jack however had no problem an continued to make it his own.
Once Jack had settled in nicely we decided to give him a bath. He was very well behaved and didn't try to escape, unlike his brother, Shadow, who hates to have a bath and constantly tries to climb out !
Jack then continued to chew on the bone he had claimed for himself, whilst being carefully watched by Shadow, who was considering his options !
As the afternoon turned to early evening, and the temperature was still extremely high. both boys continued to get to know each other more and there were occasional moments of rapid playing, and jumping around on the sofa, with only the very occasional verbal intervention required. Both Jack and Shadow responded well to my our verbal commands, and reacted instantly, by stopping what they were doing when we felt that they were getting a little too boisterous with each other.
In between playing and chewing his bone, Jack would display periods of affection towards myself and Charlotte, and he would often jump up onto the sofa to sit with her.
Around 7pm they were both showing signs of tiredness and they both decided it was time to crash out, Jack on the sofa, and Shadow varying his position as he can't settle during this hot spell.
We decided to give them there dinner around 8.30pm as Shadow generally has been eating later in the evening over the past few weeks.
They were both given a bowl of the food supplied by Lynne, mixed in with some biscuit. As they were both new to each other we were a little wary of dinner time, so we gave each other their bowls at the same time but about 10ft apart. Again Jack proceeded to woof down his dinner, and Shadow, who generally is a slow eater, had obviously learn't form earlier experiences and also woofed his dinner down a lot faster than usual. Once again Shadow did not finish his full dinner and was happy to give the rest to Jack.
After their dinner we sat down for something to eat ourselves and both the boys continued to get along side-by-side quite happily, either sleeping, or playing as they had previously done.
As it was still extremely hot late into the evening, we left the patio doors open as we normally would for Shadow. Shadow likes to come and go, in and out of the garden as he pleases, with the occasionally urgent run down the garden, barking, when he thinks he has seen something. Invariably I think he imagines half of the things he barks at :-)
We were interested to see how Jack would respond to Shadow's behaviour and we can happily say that he was exceptional in his response. He would lift his head, ears pricked, but then continue to carry on with what he was previously doing. No barking at all. He would occasionally go to the patio doors and take a look at what Shadow was doing, then turn back round as if nothing had happened. On the odd occasion he would join Shadow in the garden for a rummage around. It was quite a pleasurable experience, seeing Jack react so positively. We were both very pleased with his responses and attitude within the home.


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Re: Jack Patterdale DofB 08.08.11 Aldershot

Post by jdanvers » Sun Jul 08, 2018 12:51 pm

(Since returned)
It was now around 11.30-11.45pm so we then decided to take them fo a walk around the block, just to give them a little time together in the cooler part of the day, and to wear them out a little, in the hope of a good night's sleep.
Shadow loves his walk, and going in the car, and we have to be very careful when using these words around him as he gets very excited. Over use of these words has him in a frenzy sometimes 0002.gif]
We usually just say to Shadow "do you want to go for a walk" and he's up and at it, raring to go. I picked up Shadow's new harness and put it on him with no problems, then proceeded to pick up Jack's and ask him if he wanted a walk.
He was currently crashed out again on the sofa and I was intrigued to see his response. Well, to say this boy is laid back is an understatement. He kind of opened one eye and looked at me as if to say "Really Dad, you want me to go for a walk now !". I walked over to him with his harness in hand and as I approached him he decided to roll around on the sofa and make it as awkward as possible to put his harness on. In the end I had to pick him up and slide it over his head, whilst he continued to act like a child who didn't want to go to school :-)
Once harnessed up and leads on we continued to walk them around the block. It was an absolute dream, with both Shadow and Jack walking very nicely together, sometimes happy to walk side-by-side with no complaints from either one. Both Shadow and Jack stopping frequently for a good sniff at their surroundings, with the occasional sniff at each other, again both being very good to allow the sniffing with out reacting to each other.
After the walk we sat down to watch some TV for a short while before going to bed. Both Shadow and Jack once again crashed out and had a kip. Shadow chose to lay on the sofa and Jack went upstairs and laid on the bed alongside George and his fan.
At bed time Shadow sleeps on our bed, well in fact he sleeps on my pillow above my head and pushes me down the bed so my feet hang of the end. For a small dog he takes up a lot of real estate :-)
Jack continued to sleep on the bed with my son George, and it seemed he would be happy there for the night.
Around 2am I was woken by Jack, who jumped up onto the bed and was climbing around my head. Shadow had leapt off the bed and was stood by my side looking at Jack as if to say "What the heck do you think you're doing ?".
We coaxed Jack back to bed with George and Shadow eventually settled back down on my pillow. After that sleep resumed as normal.
Charlotte was up at 5.30am to let both the boys out for a pee, after that Jack raced back upstairs to bed with George. Shadow then came back to bed with Charlotte until around 8am when she was back up with both of them.
Shadow and Jack were given their breakfast together, which consisted of biscuit and Sardines. Both of them scoffed their breakfast, quite happily eating in the kitchen together, just an arms length apart.
At just after 9am I was woken by Shadow licking my head and face, a normal occurrence. Jack was at his side giving Shadow a little lick of affection on his face and cheek. Shadow gave no response to Jack and seemed quite happy with what he was doing. Jack then decided to flake out alongside me in bed.
Since this morning they have both been very well behaved with each other. Jack has spent most of the day either in the garden do a spot of sunbathing, or asleep on the sofa. He seems to have claimed his spot on the second sofa, which is a good choice as I like my spot :-)
Shadow has been his normal self, in and out of the garden, then either on the sofa asleep or laying on the tiled kitchen floor.
All-in-all we are very pleased with both Shadow and Jack so far and it would appear they have a bright future together. It would seem that in his past Jack has had a rough time, but you wouldn't always know it, given the way he is with his affection towards us and his relaxed behaviour with Shadow.
We have all decided, myself, Charlotte and George, that Jack has finally found his forever home and no matter what happens with him we will not give up on him and will definitely not be taking him back to Rescue Remedies. Jack is staying firmly put with us woo.gif]

PS. Jack does like to fart sign_omg.gif and burp quite a lot. I can tolerate the burping but the farts need working on love sick.gif]

I have taken some photos and videos of Shadow and Jack together and will upload them later today.

We would just like to say well done to all at Rescue Remedies for everything you have done for Jack so far, and can assure you that we will continue to give him the love and home that he deserves. Shadow seems happy to now have a doggie brother, and playmate :thanks.gif:

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Re: Jack Patterdale DofB 08.08.11 Aldershot

Post by jdanvers » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:07 pm

(Since returned)
On Sunday Jack continued to settle in very well, in fact you would have thought he'd already lived here forever.
During the day he would sleep quite a bit, and in between times continued to get to know Shadow more. They spent their time in and out of the garden when they weren't sleeping.
On Sunday evening we took both Shadow and Jack for a walk. We waited until around 10.30pm when it was much cooler. This time round Jack was a little more forth coming when asked if he wanted to go for his walk.
On the walk we had another dog approach us on the same pathway. Just before they were close enough to meet the oncoming walker crossed over to the other side of the road. Jack decided he wanted to have a bit of a bark at the other dog. Charlotte, who was walking him, just continued to walk and ignored his barking. After about 15 seconds Jack had stopped barking and continued to walk on with no problems at all.
Both Shadow and Jack continued to be happy walking alongside each other and sharing their space.
On Monday Charlotte took the day of work to spend more time with Shadow and Jack. As we knew we would need to leave them on their own this week, whilst we were at work, we decided to carry out a little experiment to see how Jack would be.
We had decided that until we were absolutely certain that Shadow and Jack were completely happy with each other, we would separate them whilst there was nobody home.
Shadow normally has run of the entire house whilst we are out, but we chose to give him the upstairs, whilst Jack would have the kitchen and lounge.
After everyone else had left for school and work, Charlotte pretended she too was going to work. Jack was left on his own on the kitchen, and Charlotte said goodbye to both of them. She then pretended to leave the house, opening and closing the front door, and then quietly sneaking upstairs with Shadow. We wanted to see whether Jack would be anxious to be left alone.
As it turned out Jack was an absolute star. Charlotte had fallen asleep for an hour, with Shadow, and in that time Jack had not made a sound, or wrecked anything in the house. He simply crashed out on the sofa.
This was good news for us and meant we could leave them both on their own, but separated.
On Tuesday, the first real test for Jack, I waited for everyone else to leave the house then said goodbye to Shadow and Jack and went off to work around 8.30am. I returned home at 12.30pm to check on the boys and to let them out in the garden, and to feed Jack his lunch as he is used to having 3 meals a day. Shadow is not so fussy and only has one main meal per day.
Happily, once again, Jack had been absolutely fine. Other than a small accident on the carpet, there were no issues at all. Whilst I prepared Jack's lunch both Shadow and Jack had a run around the garden.
I spent about half an hour with them and then when back to work.
My son George then came home from school around 3.30pm, and again, there were no issues.
Since the weekend Jack has really made himself at home. Other than the odd little spat he is getting on really well with Shadow, often going nose-to-nose, and occasionally licking his face too.
I think another couple of weeks and they will be firm friends.
Jack has showed a great deal of affection over the past few days, always happy to see us when we arrive home, and loves to jump up and sit with us on the sofa for cuddles.
He has displayed no signs to us that would give us concern and we are so happy to have him as part of the family.
Wednesday night whilst watching the England match, Jack decided that I didn't need to see the TV screen and jumped up onto me and proceeded to avidly lick my face. This was something that Shadow loves to do to me too, and so as not to be left out, he decided to jump up and join in. I had Jack licking my face whilst Shadow licked my left ear, then there was a moment of affection towards Shadow, by Jack, when he reached over and started to lick Shadow's face. Shadow gave no reaction at all, which was a great sign.
Jack has behaved so well this week. When Shadow has barked Jack has not responded at all. If Shadow runs out in the garden barking Jack just trott's out after him to see what all the fuss is about, then turns round and comes back in to his favourite place, the sofa.
All in all, Jack has been absolutely outstanding this week, and I can't understand why it has taken so long for him to find his forever home !

I do have several photos of both Jack and Shadow, along with some videos of them together. I haven't had chance to sort them out and upload them yet, but will hopefully find some time this weekend.

PS. Jack continues to trump for England. I don't think I have ever met a dog who can fart as many times as Jack can :panting_dog-119.gif:

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Re: Jack Patterdale DofB 08.08.11 Guildford Kenns

Post by dymphnae » Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:05 pm

Have walked Jack a couple of times now, poor lad is disoriented to be back in kennels. He needs a bit of gentle persuasion to keep going on his walks, but once he's interested and engaged with his surroundings he trots along very happily. Once he gets to know you better he becomes more affectionate. He's barky around other dogs, so we take him into quieter areas so he can enjoy a more peaceful time. A lovely boy who needs a warm home soon!

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Re: Jack Patterdale DofB 08.08.11 Gatwick Kenns

Post by sibirro » Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:08 pm

fingers crossed for a lovely lad mr jack pat xxx

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Re: Jack Patterdale DofB 08.08.11 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Christinetully » Sat Nov 03, 2018 8:21 pm

Come on, hide some more sausage for me to find!
I know where we are going!
A happy Jack Patt came out for a good exploring session in the woods. Jack seems to have become much more confident since his time in a home and we bowled along at a good pace, all round the woods and over the bridges, stopping for lots of sniffing and several cuddles. Only a couple of times did he stop in his tracks, seemingly unsure, but quickly responded to me encouraging him to 'Come on!'. Jack is a super little dog. While I was delighted to see him again, I'd love to see him resume family life again in his furever home!
Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them and filling an emptiness we didn't even know we had! :icon_barking_dog-116.gif:

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Re: Jack Patterdale DofB 08.08.11 Redhill W/E Foster

Post by jdanvers » Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:58 am

It's nice to see Jack getting out and about.
We miss him terribly and only wish we could come and take him back with us. There's not an hour of the day goes by when I don't think about him [cry.gif]
It breaks our hearts that we had to return Jack, through absolutely no fault of his own. It was such a shame that Shadow appeared to end up becoming jealous of having Jack around.
We truly hoped that it would work for both Shadow and Jack, but unfortunately it wasn't to be !
It was so hard having to make the decision to return Jack and I still regret to this day, and probably forever, that we had to return him. I feel like we let him down.
In the 3 months that Jack was with us he really made an impression on us. He is such a loving and responsive boy.
After the initial settling in period he really did come out of his shell, which didn't take long at all. He grew more and more confident each day and we were even making good progress with is reactiveness to other dogs.
For the time that Jack was with us 99% of the time things were all good, however he didn't seem to cope well when Shadow appeared to pursue him with what we think was a playful attitude. He always did the sensible thing and backed away from the situation, but Shadow would appear to push the situation which escalated into a 'spat' !
We were managing the situation really quite well until the final episode on the 27th September, which ended up putting us in the really awful position of having to make the decision to split them up for good.
There's really not much else I can say right now as I find it difficult to talk about the situation without welling up ! It's taken me almost 5 weeks to be able to bring myself to write this !
Jack, we really miss you and are so sorry if you feel that we gave up on you. I can promise you that it was the hardest decision I think I've had to make in a very long time.
We can't wait for you to find your 'forever' home as you deserve it so much. A home is where you belong giving a family all the love you have to give, and receiving the love and care you deserve in return.
We miss you Jack, good luck for your future. I only wish we were part of it again [cry.gif]

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