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Rescue Remedies Diary January 2021 - April 2021

Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2021 8:53 am
by Rescue Remedies
Happy New Year

Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2021 - April 2021

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 2:27 pm
by xxlynne
Mid January... as I sit here I now know 3 people who have been diagnosed Covid + My accountant for the kennel business; One of our Walkers she seems to be doing well, fortunately no others have have symptoms or positive follow their last visit on the 30th..though one Walker did check out with a test thankfully negative that had vague contact...and then sadly one of our new homers, they are both sick and our dog is providing them with comfort. We had a scare associated with this but all these people involved in the homing be it socially distanced have tested negative. Yes this virus is really on our doorstep now and our hearts go out to all the front line service providers who put themselves at risk as a course of their work.

Thought I would talk about discards, waste and pollution. As you know I feel this acutely and believe it or not I always have from an early age and instinctively have always wanted my footprint on the earth to be as light as possible and hence I never wanted children and have always bought second-hand wherever possible.

Waste food: Bordering on mad I always buy reduced food in the supermarkets knowing they discard so much food and items at the end of the day which can't be sold so my eco footprint is as light as can be. Others don't really understand this but it is obvious to me. In the kennels we receive a lot of food donations which are split bags, closely dated or just out of date items which we put straight into use. I also ask Staff to monitor waste. Sometimes waste tells us clearly what is happening with our dog's health but also their preferences. We need to note and adapt i.e. one dog eats over night when its quiet ...had the staff not picked this up his food would have been repeatedly picked up and discarded. What I feel very acutely being a vegetarian for 50 years now is yes we need to provide our animals with a suitable diet but we need to be honest with ourselves when we have asked animals to sacrifice their lives for provision of another. When we throw away food we have a karmic debit, as that animal who sacrificed their life then is totally treated with disregard, throwing them in the bin. To sacrifice for need is one thing but we need to feel a betrayal if we discard as if sawdust when it is meat products. It takes ingenuity to minimalize waste, but this should be part of the contract and obligation we have associated with that sacrifice. You buy meat: I see flesh arguement. Are we buying too much? Are we putting too much in bowls or on our plate? Acute example of this feeding our outdoor cat the staff were throwing away about 2 table spoons of dry food a day. I have asked them to reduce the amount to the point where it is being eaten and watch the intake of moist food. Our cat maybe showing preference, and we blindly put it down and lift it up without thought.

Waste items: Any item we buy we are asking for the earth's resources to be utilised to produce this items plus all the additional resources used to deliver that item into our care. For example transport fuel delivery the obvious factor: Fuel of raw items; fuel of manufactured items; fuel to heat or refrigerate premises: fuel to collect items/ or for them to be delivered to home address. We have always got our tennis balls from tennis clubs who discard them. Innocently someone put out an appeal and we received boxes and boxes for newly manufactured tennis balls. It broke my heart one ball manufactured for a 1 days play with one dog then left in the environment for the next 1000 years. A second-hand ball gives our dog pleasure on its passage, having already served its life.

Dog Pooh: Why are we/ you wrapping dog pooh up in plastic? And wrapping it up in new plastic. Moved aside on to waste land, it breaks down in 2 weeks to become part of nature again. Pet hate is the people who wrap it up in new plastic, feeling very virtuous about it and leave somewhere to collect later...and they rarely do or better still hang it up in a tree to brighten all our lives as we walk by. What is amazing you see the pattern of a dog always emptying their bowels at a certain point...wrapped up and hung in the same tree each day so you see one culprit oblivious to others. I always flick off pathways. If in a park I carry old bread bags which again have already had their life. At the kennels we have asked people not to use plastic on site and to take the plastic bags home with them if they insist in wrapping pooh in plastic. Truth is we have to go around picking discarded pooh bags which could spread Covid..and then we have to put them in our cars and make special trips to clear them...NOT NICE. If only people could think a little deeper as to their true impact on the environment and others aesthetically and those who tidy up after them. Yes indeed if you see a pooh bag discarded please pick it up and dispose appropriately and taking care if holding it with a leaf to ensure covid isnt transferred. Rant over.

Yes when it comes to the environment I am very much a humbug. I am the same with presents and 'stuff'. We are constantly being asked if we want items for our dogs; people do like to buy. For the last 17 years we have wanted for nothing due to people's generosity but also have had to find lots of storage for well meaning donations, surplus to requirements. We would always prefer the actual money to pay the bills and help another dog. Put it this way I have never needed to ask for donations of goods. Yes we do buy items which are pertinent to our dogs safety...the correct harnesses; the correct collars and muzzles. These are all universal; durable items when up against hard wear within the kennel environment.

So if I have helped you think again and use your bread bags for pooh or better still get a stick and flick pooh to the side that is great. If you hesitate to buy new when you can pick it up secondhand ..great!

We all have a lot on our minds at the moment with the Virus...we all need to play it VERY VERY safe for the next 6-8 months to save lives. We all need to get through this being the ones that stop the virus spreading, by our example to others, and by reigning in our activities to the bare essentials

Our homing rate is 3 to 4 a week which is good with the new restrictions in place. That means we are able to help 3 to 4 dogs a week. We all love helping our dogs and making their stay with us as enjoyable as they can be. Thank you everyone...I know quite a few are having to watch from a far with the new restrictions but stay with us and cheer our dogs on into their homes. They need you!

Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2021 - April 2021

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2021 10:34 am
by xxlynne
Winter conditions which is hard particularly on our dogs, staff and walkers.

Thought to log a day in the life... on the diary. Yesterday events took off in the evening so I didn't get a chance but will reflect some of the many tasks through the day and the events of the evening!

Woke up a 6.15 as Ros was dropping Bett off from weekend foster. We have been lucky to be able to keep to the main block, side of house kennels and house rooms despite taking in many dogs and fortunately homing many. We homed Benji and Chelsey last week but also Troy didn't return to kennels having moved in to his home. We were short on kennels having taken in Lulu and the 3 Staffies and then Rhea and Tible and Romeo! Ros asked to foster over the weekend. Bett had been down in the dumps and sick 2x so we asked her to take Bett and check she was well i.e. have close observations. She was well but we asked her if she could keep her over Sunday night returning for her 'home meet' as Kirby would have had to move into his 'fine weather kennel'. This is fully insulated and heated but its cosier in the block. Therefore Ros needed to return Bett at 6.40 and we tucked her into the little room Tigga used to occupy on arrival all cosied up until 10 am when she had a walk and met her new mum! (I had been up all the night before as I had 2 dogs come in which turned out to be 3am from Wales.. but hey ho I actually am a person that doesn't need a lot of sleep)

Usual house activities letting the house dogs out and feeding them. Eddie and James were there in the freezing conditions to start up on the paddock next to the house. We hired a 5 ton digger which Eddie made full use of Thursday and Friday clearing a few trenches by the river and removing all the Willow bush in what will become the 3rd back paddock. He started the House side paddock and yes in freezing conditions he started the engine and was off. James was not needed for a few hours so we were able arrange for him to take Flash to the vets for his 1st vax and BuskyBear returning for his ears to be flushed out and longterm implant as had flared up. James first cleaned the green dog mobile out thoroughly then co-ordinate arrival at our vets at 11am.1 pm and James returned mission complete.

I finished a big filing job off with all the associate papers that I staple to adoption papers and sorted the box file where we keep the associated papers for the resident dogs... Release papers and past adoption papers for returns etc. I ordered 4 large cleaning disinfectant containers. We actually buy in the concentrated bottles and dilute ourselves but the containers we use are gradually failing so we needed to have replacements. Pink grapefruit is the flavour of the month as they were on special offer! Met Bett's new owner and chatted about Patterdale's delight and understanding!

My 'sent emails' always reminds me of the many tasks I was involved in during the day. Many emails to the Homing Team allocating new Hqu and bouncing some around which had garden videos to look at; result of telephone enquiries received. Alison Secret Squirrel often helps me with these. Processed 2 fostering forms to weekend foster offers with regular walkers which will result in a weekend foster for Bear and another next weekend. Bouncing back an interest in Ollie which wasn't appropriate for him and a volunteer agreed to deal as she had the contact. Updated Oliver's thread under rehomed ..he has been homed for 7 years. Oliver was a very difficult dog by breeding, who would mix a springer with a standard poodle- poor lad but somehow his family's love has won through. Discussion with family who are considering making arrangements to take Romeo back. Discussion ref Teds and put his thread up under coming soon. Discussions ref another dog who has bitten a child on the face out the blue after 8 years in the family and saved his life arranging to take him in as they cant trust him with the very young children anymore. Arrangements with Sarah to update walkers list. Emails with Ali about "mad about Anna" and why no interest in her and what we can do to attract her home in. Chasing one of our dog's chip number that wasn't on the release form and is still with the homing team who have the adoption paper. Updated chip data list. Updated monthly homings data base.

Sorted out my mother's vaccination. Tried last week but by the time I got home they had closed. Reluctant to pressure the surgery BUT... so called and 3 'press this number' 'listen to this message' was told not to call to go to website. Went to website not sufficient info so called again and ended up talking to receptionist and apologising before I began. Oh I know Mrs Moger I wish she was my nan. Strange she is 90 and we should have offered by now Oh yes she is housebound... No actually she isn't as I can take her anywhere needed. OK then Wednesday lunchtime 12.50 Done!
I then put in an order for good quality moist food to trial it at the kennels. Meanwhile I'm caring for the house dogs as Claire leaves at Lunchtime. My Max isn't long for this world he is very frail and keeps falling over so takes a lot of loving care... especially when Marcus decides he wants to play with him and has him flattened on the floor and unable to move being gibed by attempts to get him to play! Cleared my back yard of toys and washed them all. Spent time with the Boyz and had another go slowly but surely clearing their floor of grout as newly grouted and needs finishing. Updated Hattie and Dodger (Boycie)'s threads as had confirmed with Mark- Dodger is HOME and Hattie who we homed many years ago is his now partner. They live in New Romney near John and Sylvie! Updated Bett's thread and did both notifications to website Stuart; Homing Team and Fran who does their microchip changes. Long talk to a lady giving up her Rottie x and offered advice. Long talk with ex-homer homed a sweet girl from us 11 years ago and is still looking for the perfect replacement which of course is the same again. Explained how the Rescue has changed and rather than taking dogs from Ireland as we were then we take in the dogs that other Rescues aren't interested to help.

Chats with kennel staff throughout the day main issue was revision of Gucci's medication with 3 chats with Mark our vet who has now upped her meds. Paige always does a handover at night and resolving issues to do with 4 dogs having diarrhoea today. Lots of other things occurring that relates to moderating the Forum and calls that come in where people want a long discussion on say Bear as volunteers are putting it about he is really suffering in kennels so irrespective of their ability to offer, and no desire to put in a homing questionnaire, they want a discussion and I can't. We can't have discussions outside of the Homing procedure as I explain we would get 30 mins down the line and I would find out you don't have landlord's permission or your partner actually doesn't want a dog etc etc. People putting emotive posts on the forum, facebook (which we can at least tone down through moderation) and having the liberty of advertising our dogs elsewhere beyond our jurisdiction causes so much angst to us and interest raised. Playing up the 'please home me eyes raised up hands in prayer' calls on emotions and NEVER translates in to level-headed applications from people looking for their next dog with realism.

Oh yes and then my evening.....I had put the Boyz out 2x during the afternoon in the side of the house as the weather was warmish and they delighted in watching Eddie and James in their paddock! After 6.45 when the staff had left I let my dogs out as I always do to run around throughout the paddocks. Max didn't go far and returned and came into the warm. I was able to hand feed him without Marcus looking longingly. Long call to June on the homing Team about 2 application and then noticed the movement lights weren't on outside so thought Marcus had done the outer door as he does and he was in the food room/ walk through room. No. Then I thought when he wasn't coming to call and I'm looking for Tootsie who is black in the blackness. Oh no have they gone into the new trench but thought damn I don't have a touch but they will get out as there is a lot of gravel shovelled in. No sign of them and then I looked to see the whole back fence open onto the lands. I rang Eddie in disbelief he could have left it open as I ran to the front gate calling Marcus who has remarkable recall. I then rang Ella to state my plight whilst I opened the back garden gate so they could filter back through. I ran around to the side of the other kennels and paddock and typical Tootsie, she was looking for the dogs and so I got her into the bathroom closed the door and went running calling for Marcus no sign. I went back into the house and there he was standing by the back door delighted to see me and me him. I just was so grateful, it wasn't the Boyz I put out first, my blood runs cold of the thought of the boyz's on the loose in pitch black with icey trenches everywhere.

Drama 2 Walking Little Ralph and as with every 4-5 days, the need to change his trailing lead. Perhaps because I was running late with lots to do I must have been too bold as I need the greatest of care and suddenly he retaliated and badly bit my thumb. I wouldn't mind but I didn't even achieve attaching the new lead to be able to get the old one off. I took him back as he had bitten through artery and nerve as it was dripping profusely and very painful. I then had to get the first aid kit and try and find the plasters with concerned doggies smelling the dripping blood around. Wrapped my finger and went to make Peace with Ralph. As anyone who knows terriers you are always the aggreiver they the aggrieved whatever has happened and indeed I had taken gross liberties to dare to approach his harness with a lead. It took about 30 mins of talking to him and seeing him move to receptive mood then back to defensive however "don't come near me!" messages. I worked with his beloved dachshund toy and he decided to show me his mood by one minute licking and caressing it and the next biting into it. Well we had to finish on a good note so I managed to lift his lead without him rushing forwards and entice him out for his evening walk and relief. 2 hours later when I turned his light off I gave him a big treat to chew on rather than chewing on his grievance.

So late night for me and after 2 very disturbed nights (If you know you have to be up early your sleep is fitful|) News came in Troy's adoption now done, so updated his thread and sent across email files. 10.15 and the phone goes...hello calling from Mrs Moger's careline your mother has called saying her carer hasn't turned up tonight. Can I ask you does she get confused, would she have forgotten? My mother is a sharp as a button she is far more alert and Comp us Mentos than me. She cant stay in her chair all night. The carer would have definitely been in by now. I can't leave the kennels I have to be on site. I would call her neighbour but she is not the sort of lady to help my mother go to the loo and put her to bed. I will call the lady who cleans for her. I take you can't send anyone out? No only if she is on the floor and there is a 7 hour wait as the ambulance service its under tremendous pressure with long long waits. I called her cleaner now 10.40pm no answer so I called her neighbour who couldn't understand me on the phone but managed to get her to go into my mother's. I called my mother and reassured her Monica was coming in and then heard Monica was in. Monica called me to say 'Joycee is now in bed and settled, no problems'. Then the Care agency called and lied..." I organised the night calls and were told your mother had a visit and 3 and then her second visit at 4.30. I said not so. I know my mother would have asked Why she was having her second visit so early. If due to circumstance you had to do a really early call like you did 2 weeks ago and put her to bed at 5.30 that is acceptable in an emergency so why didn't the second call out put her to bed if it was the last and final call. We are very lucky that my mother is so 'with it' she will just sit there patiently waiting and waiting others would make attempts to managed due to confusion and concern and probably fall. I will look into it in the morning. Please do, we are very grateful that her careline was there to alert me and her neighbour has gone and helped her. We are not happy with her failing to receive essential basic care.

Time to close down for the night but alas boy was my thumb painful all night l9ng... happy days!

But what was my day really all about..
Bett with Alison
Bett with Alison
Dodger not with Mark or Lesley but befriending the Postie!
Dodger not with Mark or Lesley but befriending the Postie!
Troy home with Sandra and Nick
Troy home with Sandra and Nick
And saving our "friend to be" life who sadly bit a child

Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2021 - April 2021

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2021 10:15 pm
by xxlynne
Day in the life of… Thursday. Lots of lovely feedback from Diary watchers so thought I owed you a proper blow by blow account of a day in Rescue

Awoke at 2.30 am to find my elderly terrier Max had wrapped himself up in a blanket and was confused. Awoke 4.15 by my elderly terrier standing by my side of bed so lifted him in and cuddled him for the next 2 hours. He was a little confused and struggled to get down but then relaxed and fell back into our cuddle which gave him reassurance. Up at 7.10 I was aware it was raining hard and I haven’t used the paddocks since as full of mud trenches and machinery so all dog going into my back yard which will this summer become a garden! Mandy into my bedroom and my dogs in to the lounge. Mandy into garden. Washed and made toast for myself and Mandy. Owen and Wilson out. Then dressed feeding Mandy she knows the routine with delight. Cleaned Owen and Wilson’s room and got their breakfast. Recent break through is I stand by the backdoor open it and they both go ahead of me into their room anticipating their breakfast. They have achieved this level of self assurance over the last 3 weeks and I noted Owen allowed me to stand next to him and he was fully accepting of my right to be there. Royce out into the yard. Radio on. PC on. Kettle on. Royce’s food prepared and his room checked over and then he comes in to claim his breakfast. Go in with Mika and lead him and take him into the enclosed yard. Make Mandy & Ralph’s breakfast and deliver then relead Mika who is waiting in the food room out of the rain and delights in going back into his room. Mika’s breakfast/. Staff arrive no staff meetings since intense lockdown sometimes they congregate outside receoption but its raining and I’ll catch up with them during the course of the planned dog movement other than Arthur out with Stephen for a few hours.
On computer and reviewing the long list of activities I have planned for today:
James Renting reference
Dougie update under rehomed who is in central Europe
Put 4 new dogs up on Forum in their own homes
Sort payroll out ref sickness pay which I emailed last night as I need help from the payroll organisation Then pay staff
Sort out backlog of Homing Questionnaires
Sort out 3 outstanding invoices with local council which means properly installing my printer with disc as currently cant scan over to computer and printing is very feint.
Move old phone on to new phone ekkkkk!
Time with Stan to put his harness on
Book in 2 Lulu and Rhea in for neutering tomorrow or latest Monday
Eddie working so hard
Eddie working so hard
Paddock one drainage
Paddock one drainage
On computer and received response back from Steve ref Nymie so updated Nymie’s and Mutley’s threadsResponded to request to save a very frightened lurcher bitch that needs a place after 4th Feb. Agreed. Walk with Ralph not initially happy to go out. Gave my dogs their breakfast. Put black bag out for bin persons and pleased they hadn’t yet been. Washing on. Cleaned lounge and kitchen floor after dear Max. Discussion emails with Trustees ref request from a Rescue friend to use our platforms to raise money for their vet bills. All agreed this we couldn’t offer as our platforms are purely for funding our dog’s find their homes and opening up to such requests would avalanche our Rescue with worthy causes of all manner related to the Rescue or other causes and the whole character of our Rescue work would change. Decisions like this one is about staying close to our core values and each Rescue will blur these issues in different ways but we are mission driven and our resolved is acutely focused on our dogs and our dogs. Put Boyz out in yard to watch Eddie with his digger not raining. Wrote to applicant who had put in Homing Questionnaire for Royce but stated clearly she could not manage a dog on Muzzle. Suggested she go through and read our dog’s thread and print off lists from website which give a succinct appraisal of our dog’s needs. Staff member raised use of extender lead with our dogs. Sanctioned if the user is confident and fluent with the fast reflexes required...I use extenders with terriers. Specified it had to be tape not cord with a large dog. Also walkers saying they are exempt from wearing face coverings. Stated this means they should not be walking here. Called Charlie and exchanged info. In the same way my feelings are if you are exempt from mask wearing you should not be mingling close out in public ie in supermarket etc. It’s about caring for others and its about stopping the virus in its tracks. Wrote James’s reference and put the kettle on! 10.20

Put boys back in their room perfect return well done brave boyz. Took new disinfectants in to staff and they are now reorganising them with plungers putting old dysfunctional ones in recycling. They are using new moist food trays I ordered and all happy and dogs receiving the new dog food well. Fran replied to my review of members access to Members support section…we keep this constantly reviewed. Contact from the payroll organisation basically refusing to offer me time to sort out the confusion their system has caused. I have refused to circle around the route I tried last Thursday so am threatening cancelling my subscription. Need to move on to the HMRS system which will be a challenge but proving a necessary task within the next week! Put Rhea up on Forum and Pickle in Ownhome. I wrote to our friend explaining how our funds are urgently needed and our platforms must be to support our dogs finding their homes pure and simple. Alerted that another Rescue’s dog who we kennelled for them for awhile is spotted on for sale on ‘popular’ website. Alerted Rescue and suggested we would rather take him on than them sell him. Stephen checked with me as he collected Arthur for day out and has got ‘good food rather than ‘treats’ to support him. 12.05

To wholesalers for Mop heads, Washing powder, bleach and picked up reduced ham for dogs and treats for staff & volunteers peanuts. Maltesers and crisps. Unloaded the van and put items into storage and use. Discussion with Dianna ref a poss. homing tomorrow for Renee and a possible lead on transport/ home for Teds in Manchester. Saw Tricia with Stan and she has got his harness on hey hey a group gaggle
Tricia put Stan's harness on Heleny walking Stan. Heleny, Tricia and Anne matching forth
Tricia put Stan's harness on Heleny walking Stan. Heleny, Tricia and Anne matching forth
Put Zeus and Jeeves up on the Forum and contacted a past homer to check Zeus out as she had asked me to if a dog came in that might suit. Took honey into the kennels for dogs and bought heavy wet items to put on radiators tonight. Back on case about emails I’m receiving a volunteer laying it on thick about one of our dogs and ‘sympathy emails filtering in will need to moderate in future. Chat with Eddie about the paddock which is a huge project both agreed on reflection better to do a thorough job even though costly and so are going to focus on the 2 worst paddocks namely on by house he has under construction and new paddock by the cattery. And associated land. Boyz out in yard chatting to Eddie who is working close by the fence. Discussion with Staff member about alteration of hours and potential of reducing hours in future to suit university course. Another discussion with owner ref taking Romeo trying to smooth it over with Terrier owner. Stated how urgent things are with us having 6 dogs urgently needing to come in so would like to know as we need to crack on finding Tible his home. Email in to collect another broken dog food bag from delivery depot they are becoming more and more impatient wanting us to collect with 24 hours or will throw away so asked Eddie to collect on his way home. 15.21

Email asking us to take a DDB Dogue de Bordeaux male to save PTS (Put to Sleep) asked for more info. Spent over a hour doing payroll haven’t resolved the issue but will have to rewind in the next 2 weeks to correct the calculation if wrong…anyways staff paid , pensions paid and payslips printed. Dianna emails pointed out a mistake I had made on Jeeves post so corrected. Spoke to Eddie and he has gone to collect broken bag of food one way home. Lovely email feedback on Lola from Angie she is going to update the Forum. Long discussion with Dianna arranging for Teds to be collected from Manchester tomorrow and go into foster. Dianna is arranging it but I texted Mary to alert her. Discussion about Hunni & King possible family she is now going back to the family. Discussion ref Renee meet tomorrow I’m arranging with someone to intro her with another dog.

Details on DDB found straying and scavenging so narrative on food ‘hunger’ preciousness makes sense in these circumstance. Not chipped. Agreed to take asked if he has been wormed. Found “Most popular names” a century ago visited the list of boy names and chose Eugene for him. Started to update the print off lists as reaching end of month. Removed Bett, Buddie and Benji and added Boris, Teddie, Jeeves, Gizmo, Stan & Pickle. 6.49

All dogs out and fed. Put Stan’s thread up . Long chat with June about homings result is Rhea went reserved. Basil out for the weekend…Have been thinking of Basil a lot recently so lovely Amy is taking him tomorrow. Hilary and family offering a weekend foster also..wheyhey! Didn’t hear back from our vets so will ring and plead for Rhea to be spayed, chipped and vax’d tomorrow so she can meet her admirers on Saturday. Call one of our dogs has bitten his one of his owners. Knowing this terrier really well I knew it would be to the hand and not deep. Transpires he was dosing and he was being stroked and he just found it too intense of caught him off guard being in and out of sleep. Person screamed and alerted him further to fear reaction. Received the promised email after I had put down the phone. Dianna called about 2 homings and we chatted about it. Trying to work out if they will hold so a little healing time before return Its is very damaging to a dog if they are just abandoned after they have made a mistake.

Details through from the DDB Referral details from Sheffield pound: Hi Margaret, hope you're ok xxx
Just wondering if you had any idea for a Dogue de Bordeaux in Sheffield pound? Dog warden is going to PTS if not out by next week 😞 He is normally friendly but is VERY food aggressive. Will guard bins, and ANY food around. He bit a member of staff when he was trying to get to his food in the next kennel and she tried to put a coat on him. No broken skin just bruised her hand.
He arrived very underweight and hasn't gained weight. He's been intermittently vomiting and poo'ing food packets (like clear chub roll meat packets) for weeks that he must have eaten whole whilst straying. He doesn't deserve to be put to sleep for food aggressive, he's obviously been kept short of food

Finished RR print off list for the websites for Feb21 Alison will put them up tomorrow. I will do Staffie list in 3 days time as movement with Staffies so waiting to see. HelenH confirmed she organised a pallet of dried dog food for next week. Emma back Saturday walking after recovering from Covid bravo1.gif
Long call with Family on the brink of returning our Terrier they will try again and I have asked for forgiveness Our terrier has made a mistake as I don’t believe he was handled much as a puppy nor lived in an inclusive family. He is still on the foothills and needs to build further skills and trust. Battery went on phone. Checked kennel block. Locked up and moved dogs so Mandy into lounge and my dogs into bedroom. 10.15 and so to bed to listen to the radio and catch up with news.
Coming soon Baxter (Friend to be) and darling Eugene
Friend  to  be is called Baxter
Friend to be is called Baxter
Eugene comes with Friend-to-be
Eugene comes with Friend-to-be
It continues to rain though we had winter sun and a relatively warm day today...but tonight it rains...the river is very full we pray we don't move into flooding again as we did this time last year!

Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2021 - April 2021

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2021 9:34 am
by xxlynne
So we are into February... so in theory nights are getting lighter.

Our on lead policy.
This is the most contentious policy in the public's mind which causes confusion, concern and often verbal abuse. In Britain somehow people feel it is their God given right to allow their dogs off lead regardless of the people and other animals co-using that 'territory. In fact off lead symbolises to the public the ultimate in giving a dog a sense of freedom and ownership of common spaces.

We made our decision on the basis of the heavy dog laws that have been introduced that sitting waiting, perched to label your dog a dangerous and out of control dog... if ever your dog should make a mistake in self-defence or play spilling over to fight with 2 strange dogs who haven't got that deeper sense of trust++. Alterations can occur at anytime within the interplay of passing dogs. Our society no longer harvests tolerance in my view and experience. Society nolonger places value on "shake hands and walk on by". You also have extortionate vet bills for a simple puncture wound. Many of the big vet chains have protocols of investigations which MUST be followed in a litiginous cuklture (and paid for by you) just to rule out any possible complications should they arise. The vet community makes the fantastic assumption there is insurance cover. Have you ever wanted to look the vet in the eye and say yep great I take it you're paying! Even then owners who take their dog with a puncture wound to the vet find their vet saying bring them back if your not happy and suddenly X-Rays and mega blood tests are sent off. The owner comes back saying they are NOT prepared to lose their' no claims bonus' and ask the other dog's owner to pay their costs. It is very easy to whip up a bill when you have decided you have no intention of paying for the resulting bill. I must say this happens especially if you own a bullbreed as your dog only has to put a paw on the other dog's back in a pre-empt to play and it is an assault and 'your dog could have killed my dog' assertion.

As a Rescue being run over 17 years I personally have dark dark memories of homes that have collapsed due to our dogs off lead and our dogs running over to the wrong dog, jumping up at a pushchair, jogger, member of public's trousers been torn. Jumping up to say hello to strangers who are terrified of dogs, or stealing their picnic, children's balls ++. Losing our dogs escaping front doors, lower windows and upper windows. We have lost our homed dogs running into traffic, lost down fox holes, bludgeoned to death because they grabbed a cat and wouldn't let go. Shot by a farmer for going into a sheep field. Killed on road for chasing a fox (4 I know of). Run over being on the front drive when a visitor left. Ofcourse now a postie can bring a case even if your dog bites the hand coming through the letter box.

No matter whether a dog has good recall; playful with dogs, lives with a cat, trained to sit for treats. The public doesn't enjoy intrusion especially when dressed up to go to work or meet a friend (Those were the days). A dog has to be able to turn their cheek if snapped at or goaded by an ankle terrieriser whether the 'assault is to them or another dog'. Some dogs do get affronted. Some dogs will chase when the their instincts kick in, their training doesn't kick in at that point. You can't train the terrier out of a terrier... and you truly should never want to do that.

Our dogs are truly special because 95% of them would have been put to sleep if it wasn't for us responding to someone approaching us to save them. They usually have very patchwork backgrounds without sliver spoon beginnings. They were probably 'kicked out' for making a mistake. They probably weren't walked again for years because they made an early mistake. And that mistake often means they were simply the wrong breed and so did not carry the public's trust. Many of our dogs haven't ever learnt to manage their adult instincts and override their puppy drives. They haven't worked through those milestones, so are adult dogs with puppy brains. Another major factor is the general public and also many tv guru watchers or text book learned mismatch don't have the instincts to read a dog in the moment. For example when we took many dogs from Ireland we often had terrier pups. When you see a litter of terrier pups play my God! its all noise and fur and they learn to inhibit their responses. When a terrier is taken away from their litter at 8 (often 6 weeks) they have no chances to explore the tempo of their instincts with like minded pups. They have to learn through playing (Annoying) adults who come down hard or owners who scream at them and pull they off just as they were beginning to have fun! Life is difficult for our dogs in 'leaving mum at 8 weeks' world we enforce on them.

Throughout our websites forum, on all our homing questionnaires we spell it out. We are looking for responsible homes to keep our dogs on leash outside of the house and have freedom in secure gardens for life. We have volunteers who don't buy into this and tip off people to apply ..'tick that box else you wont get a dog' These are volunteers who play us lip service and end up wasting the Homing Team's time and the applicant. We do not have high accomplished dogs. Even if we did many other dogs out there can't cope with the off lead dog in their face or jumping all over their owner. We stand by our dogs supporting their encounters and ensuring the public can go about their business without a dog running over or under their wheels. We use double leads which can be lengthen when you reach off roads areas. Many people use extenders and have the knack and reflexes to control encounters. We recommend long training leads and hiring secure fields for play.

Our dogs have got through into our safety net and then a self motivated owner decides to be the 'Big person risk taker' playing with our dog's life and how are we meant to feel when we hear our dog has met a tragic end. You can't put a wise head on a young shoulders. We ask you NOT to take those kind of risks with our dogs. We know our families who are signed up immediately. Even though we are open and up front we still get 75% of applications who don't get it. They don't get the difficulties our dogs have or skill deficits or simply bred traits. Our dogs returned 2 weeks later for exactly the reason we spent time explaining going into this feature with them. Exactly why our dog has sat their patiently. Sorry there is always a cynical under current which we try our hardest to dampen down and we move on.

Like with our ardent neutering policy our "on lead" policy is also about setting that example. I can go into 15 to 25 reasons why we neuter our dogs and insist live-in and frequenting visiting dogs are also neutered. When you walk our/ your dog is supported in encounters. If those encounters do go wrong you need to take photographs and ensure despite breed who is the the dog that was under the control of the owner. Which dog provoked and what control did the other owner have over their dog. That is where the dispute lies. We have just won 2 insurance cases and one small claims court case. In each incidence we have been able to prove our dog was not to blame as they were on lead and under control.

Finally what really jars is peoples insinuation our dogs are lesser beings, second class citizens because they are rescue. Personally I don't get affronted as that attitude comes from a form of snobbery which leaves me cold. If people recognise that our dogs aren't perfect in all encounters and tested in all ways, all well and good. Its rather like if we have a dog on muzzle and people avoid us because of the muzzle seeing a dangerous dog ...all well and good! As good citizens we need to be responsible and ensure we all mix well together and aren't affronting each other's sensitivities. Terriers are terriers. Bull breeds look threatening to non bullbreed familiar people. Some dogs will naturally guard and lunge. Some dogs will naturally chase any moving item. Some dogs will want to be over friendly with dogs that don't want to have another dog in their face. Such is the way of the world.

Read the front page of the website and if people ask questions. direct them to the front page and to the print off lists and the explanation of how we sit as a Rescue saving deathrow dogs... We have many wonderful responsible families come forwards who are very knowledgeable and caring and 'get it'. These families we are very happy to home our dogs with and they become part of our family.

Next diary will be about our dogs promise.

Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2021 - April 2021

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2021 8:20 pm
by xxlynne
Frost and sleet and snow...
You will see from the dogs walked board so many of our wonderful volunteers have continued to come despite the weather.

This week has seemed very special and eventful

Dog's Weekly
This shows where our dogs are kennels (Blue) foster (Mauve) and ownHome (Green) Pink is homed that week. In Kennels shows how many dogs we took into kennels that week. Bold ink shows new entries

Homing Team: We received 745 Homing Questionnaires this week. These were vetted to deem whether they meet our criteria eg Committed families to "on lead" support; willingness to travel and expectation and realism. The homing team dealt with 91 Homing Questionnaires which were allocated from a waiting list of approximately 230. We are currently still receiving more Homing Questionnaires than we can process each week and have various processes to address this shortfall via email contact.
Outcomes: 5 of our dogs were Homed Boris; Gizmo; Kitty: Tyson and Junior. One was returned to their original family Romeo. One of our dogs came back to us Buddie into foster. One of our long stay dogs went into permanent foster Macey.

We were able to take in 6 dogs Teds; Ernie; Baxta; Kitty; Eugene and Ethel. We organised a spay appointment for one future dog with our vet.
We neutered 2 dogs Kitty & Baxta. We further operated on Jaygo. Ernie, Teddie and Tyson had vaccinations and Royce had a skin review.
Our websites were bought up to date and monthly "dogs of the month" were set up. Print off dogs lists were revisited and are ready to go up tomorrow. Fran got up to date with most of our microchip changes.

Throughout the week we were in contact with families, Pound supporters who find Rescue Places for dogs losing their lives and dog wardens about saving dog's lives. We received many calls and emails with people offering help, donations and gifts. We were in contact with a few families who are having a few issues with our dogs that need further understanding and discussion. Sadly we heard from families who have lost one of our dogs during the week or of lately. Poppy, Hattie and Oscar came to rest in our Rainbow bridge.

AND sadly Ethel arrived as a young lurcher who could not be handled and sadly whilst unloading her with a catchpole she had to be released to avoid her causing herself great damage. She escaped into our lands and beyond. Not a dog we can approach and but can coax. So we have had to begin a naturalising programme where we have put out feeding stations and shelters so if she comes near she will find safety. We have left about 9 different places on our lands and on the perimeters for her to find. We hope we can entice her 'home'. She was found straying for over a week in her last place, and managed to be caught in a garden and came in with resident dogs for food. We are all praying Ethel will come close and she was sighted on a CCTV camera early morning 1.45 am within the first 24 hours in the forecourt of a house near the kennels. No sighting since.
This is a lookalike picture
Finally Macey in Peters

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And the Boys

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2021 - April 2021

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2021 8:32 am
by xxlynne
This is the conditions Owen Wilson and Peaches were born into and came from. Look carefully there are many dogs in there

45 dogs bought into Rescue

This is not where we get our Welsh dogs from, but our contacts in Wales have managed to get a few out hence we have helped our 3
AT LAST this avenue has been stopped and hopefully no other dogs will be born into these conditions and grow up feral

Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2021 - April 2021

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2021 6:08 pm
by xxlynne
21st February in fact 21.2.21 which is 1 month off 1st day of spring but then we should never wish time away....

Daffodils are in bud and we are all in mud!

And in 1 month we will be acknowledging 1 year in lockdown /semi lockdown. As a Rescue we are so grateful with only one walker to come down with Covid and fortunately we are all so pleased she made a very good recovery. As we gradually all get vaccines we are all feeling like Daffodils in bud ready to flower on our 2nd vaccine.

Our volunteers have been brilliant in coming and befriending and walking with our dogs. Our dogs have waited patiently for them to cross their threshold with their leads in hand and the promise of sniffs and beautiful encounters with life beyond their kennels. Our volunteers have also been brilliant in waiting on the side lines and watching from a far knowing their lives leave them more vulnerable to catching or carrying Covid. We are all hoping you have stayed well and if not becoming well.

Our Rescue has functioned well considering:
Lockdown restrictions
Bleak winter conditions
Our dogs are rarely on the easy side where they can carry a family
Few dogs entering pounds as there is 'need for dogs' so they are being sold on
Hardly any staff sickness or need to self-isolated :crossfingers.gif:
3 out of 4 paddocked are mud washed

As we review, we are operating at about 50% against normal times. Our income has gone down and we don't have the ability to fundraiser but then everyone is in that situation. Co-incidently with my visiting my mother every other day although it is very concentrated and pressured the days I'm here, we have managed to fulfil all commitments. We have a core of about 50 volunteers who are totally committed, solid and dependable. Many more ready to come back or increase their frequency and duration of visits. It feels a real team effort and Staff and Volunteers are mingled one of the same. What is so amazing is to witness the Homings and progress of the following dogs ...and many more but the following dogs sustain us all

Peaches' Thread
Over the moon Peaches
Over the moon Peaches
Lily's Thread
Bestest girlie
Bestest girlie
Hooch's Thread
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Hooch Poochy
Buster's Thread
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Buster in jersey in Jersey!
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Cola and Ted Spectacular
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Brock's Thread
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Brock Miracles happen
Chelsey's Thread
Chelsey living life at last
Chelsey living life at last
Skyla's Thread
Skyla Perfecto
Skyla Perfecto
Yes these are the recent dogs whose Homings were fantasamagorical many more ...we need to remind ourselves what a wonderful Rescue and a wonderful Rescue Team we are part of

Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2021 - April 2021

Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2021 8:45 pm
by xxlynne
We are no longer snowed under but yes I'm snowed under!!!

I have now officially retired, as being a WASPI woman, I have waited an extra 6 years to draw my old age pension. I sometimes put my head in my hands and wonder what retirement actually looks like! 4 years ago I was circling the M25 everyday collecting dog from where ever East London; North London; Hertfordshire; Medway towns; Hampshire ++ ++.. and delivering to our vets in Kent or into our kennels which were in Broxbourne, Gatwick, Chessington or Guildford. 4 years ago I was going through the purchase procedure of securing one of our kennels to save it from being sold for housing. We somehow knew it wouldn't be long before the other kennels disappeared as society has moved into dog sitting and dogs were going abroad on holidays not left behind anymore in boarding kennels. That happened.

So I took on a run down kennels and within 6 months new kennel standards were brought in and we were peddling hard and trying to buy time, as we drove through the kennels to upgrade them. We were exasperated at how slow progress was and I found within 18 months all my savings had been spent. I was on such a steep learning curve as having worked for Social Services and NHS in management for over 20 years team management training and focusing service delivery to meet urgent need was one thing BUT running a small business was something else, with so many dogs dependent on it. Setting up a bank account, payroll, PAYE payment: pensions, Data protection, VAT, Accounts procedures: Card reading details, Utility contracts and associate bills. Website, Signage: Cleaning products: food orders. I had set the Rescue up 11 years earlier and had all the systems ticking along but the kennel business seemed more onerous with all the Health and Safety, Fire procedures. The first 2 weeks of living on premise I would hear the rats run over my ceiling every night. The windows in the kennels were all single glazed and frightenly dangerous had they shattered. The back of the house had a flat roof with a swimming pool on top! We didn't have a lawn mower that worked or a washing machine the staff had been using the one in the house! The lean too next to the house was full of the previous owners junk. There was a toilet in the middle of the kennels which had kept breaking down. The corridors were so dark lights were left on throughout the day. My house was terrible, (still is) incredibly tired and where do you start. Of course everything was directed towards the kennels and even today my 'home' doesn't feel like home and desperately needs decoration but 2019 we relaid the roof and sealed it. 2020 we got rid of the back flat roof and properly divided the back rooms up and plastered them. We are still tiling the floors and yet to find time to decorate.

We have had the saying for the last 4 years we are all part of the solution...and so many people have appreciated our investment and endeavours to work on the kennels and land with hardly any money to achieve what we have, as the kennel business is completely separate to the Rescue.

Every 2 weeks I seem to focus on a whole new project. The last 2 weeks I have been pouring over the Rescue's accounts and compiling an analysis system, tables and charts to demonstrate our financial position and explore outlay and expenditure and income streams and relate this to the way the Rescue has changed over the last 3 years. Here is some important facts which are interesting.
Giftaid: We had been wrongly led to claim Giftaid on Homings since we were set up as a Charity. This came to light in 2018 and a review which isn't yet completed, confirmed we had a big payback due. Fortunately because the length of time of the review due to Covid we have been building up a legitimate claim which by the end of 2021 will pay of our debt. This has meant we have lost any Giftaid income for 3 years which has impacted on our finances.
Standing orders: It has been very humbling to see the people who continue to support us Month in Month: Year in Year. They are mainly people who have offered our dogs a home, surrendered a dog to us or volunteered and set up an amount and allowed that to run on their account; standing by us into the future. We are so grateful. This has always given us a fantastic foundation of certainty every month. As we have no salaries or expenses claimed except for diesel for transport, our main expense is our kennel bills. Next are our vet bills and much less so our equipment and medicines. Our running costs are insurance, accountancy fee; data protection , microchips, identity discs. We also receive regular donations from well known friends of our Rescue, the same names calling in and giving generously to our dogs. Any finance given to the Rescue is directly supporting our current and future dogs: Be assured.
Internet Giving: People raise money for us as a chosen Charity eg Virginmoney or as they spend with Easyfunding, or Amazon++ Or they contribute whenever we set up a campaign or auction. We have just made the donate button more visible on our websites as people really do value us and what we are offering to so many dogs in dire need. So internet donations are a significant income line and different avenues feed in, like Community fundraising initiatives. Obviously fundraising events have not taken place for sometime.

Long-stay Dogs: What was fascinating in my research was calculating the number and percentage of long-stay dogs we have carried. The majority of our dogs would be long-stay with other Rescues ... in fact in truth other Rescues would not/ did not offer them a safe place. We did. Dogs that stay over 6 months are long stay. I once had the time to keep far more comprehensive statistics. January 2019 we were carrying approx. 50 long-stay dogs and nearly 60 other dogs. With kennel closures we have reduced our dog numbers and over the past 2 years retained 50 long stay dogs...but this is now out of 75 dogs in total. So we carry a higher proportion and so we have fewer easier dogs to home and our homing rate and income thereof is much lower. We do wonders for our dogs considering this a truly celebrate each homing like no other Rescue could. It is easy to home easy dogs... we take our responsibility very seriously to match appropriate families to our dogs (not our dogs to families) and so often through careful matching it makes our dogs homing's seem 'easy peasy'. This rests on the high calibre of our receiving families. Of the 50 long-stay dogs we were carrying in January 2019, we have homed 38 of them and others too who have come to us and stayed and then realised their homes. We have 12 dogs who have been with us over 2 years is sad but our dogs wait for their rightful homes and adored in the meantime. As you know we all venerate our dogs as our celebrities. They haven't been waiting for so long, for us to get it wrong for them. If wrongly matched their lives are easily on the line. One fosterer reported our dog to the police as a dangerous dog ... the police heard its history and came back and said we have confidence in you as a Rescue to continue to support and find their right home. I was so touched. Many different police organisations use us, as they trust us as a responsible Rescue.

Standing up for our Rescue: With the pandemic and relating influences we are losing money every month. Hence my indepth financial review to understand our situation. Could you help us by throwing us a life line in joining the many supporters who have set up standing orders to enable us to pay our bills?

Click here and call your bank! Setting up a Standing order and Giftaid
I have never been one to ask for money but we do need to continue to carry on our work and be there for dogs who need us. We need to prepare them for their forever homes. Income revenues have diminished with the pandemic and there are no grants to support animal charities from the government. If you set up even £5 a month it really does add up. The more people that do this we can raise our baseline funding to take the pressure off. Thank you if you can and do.If everyone who did an induction with us as walkers did a standing order we would have sufficient funds easily. I appreciate it if you can't or simply want to make a one off donation in our bank account in memory of a past dog or current dog under our care. I will smile as I go over the accounts, as I have this week, being reminded of our dogs, past and current volunteers, and those dogs you want to support.
We are having to raise our minimum homing donation which we have held back for over 10 years and I have argued the wrong time during this economic crisis but we have no choice.

Anyway!! Lets celebrate. We are all these:
Rescueremedies Finding dogs their forever homes
Rescueremedies Finding dogs their forever homes
Terrierrescue: You can't train the terrier out of a terrier
Terrierrescue: You can't train the terrier out of a terrier
TR Irish.gif
Patterdaleterrierrescue: Terrierific
Patterdaleterrierrescue: Terrierific
Ambulldogrescue logo
Ambulldogrescue logo
Staffierescue Logo Motto There is light at the end of our kennel
Staffierescue Logo Motto There is light at the end of our kennel
Our Rescue feels great at the moment fantastic atmosphere and it is a joy to welcome in the spring...

Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2021 - April 2021

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2021 12:46 pm
by xxlynne
Yes first day of Spring and we all have a spring in our steps as we are witnessing the mud finally dry out.

I did an appeal on the diary above and it is very humbling to have received so many emails/ completed Standing order forms to notify us you have liaised with your bank to give us ongoing support. It is a great responsibility writing the diary as I now know it is read regularly in Vienna, Alberta and California +. Lets hope our bank balance can turn a corner during difficult times.
Don't forget Rolo in his own home
Don't forget Rolo in his own home
Today I want to raise a few hard facts on homing our dogs.
Stepping Forwards: It is not easy to say Yes for dogs especially when their write up is harsh or totally absent. So often their breed, age, health, and time is against them. We are always under pressure. Their plight is "hyper vulnerable", sitting in a pound where next dog taken in means the longest or least likely to attract a Rescue place, must leave to Rescue or vets. They are sitting in their home where the expectations are for immediate removal, often due to a minor incident with lack of plasticity within the family. A dog's place in IT'S FAMILY changes immediately with change of circumstance. Baby arrival; Incident between dogs inside and outside the home: Landlord's insistence: relationship and mental breakdown; loss of job; sudden death or hospital admission; family dynamics: costly vet bill. Many dogs become vulnerable having been purchased via dog websites -take the money and run. We, like other Rescues, don't sit here with empty kennels. We are hedging our bets all the time, in the law of averages that we will home some dogs next week which will create space for 2 or 4 new dogs. We are risk takers and unless you are in the whirl and swirl of the Rescue you'll not understand what that feels like. Its the one Stress factor which I carry in isolation and will leave future dogs at risk when I need to exit rescue. We have never played it safe, not when a dog needs us.

Vetting for Homes: For over a year we have had phenomenal numbers of Homing Questionnaire and enquiries. We direct all enquirers through to completion of a homing questionnaire, as to address families needs. We need this basic information in front of us. Applicant numbers have gone down but are still high at an average of 700 a month.
Number of Homing Questionnaire 2021
Number of Homing Questionnaire 2021
WE DO WANT TO SAY: We do not have many easy dogs to place in homesThis underlies our modus operandi.

First vetting on entry. All Homing questionnaires are read on entry and only those committed to our onlead management and display realism are passed on to the 2 level of vetting.
We do not notify those applicants who do not pass our 1st vetting but all receive an automatic email when they submit explaining our homing process and manage their expectations.
1) We have experience of opening ourselves to abuse and we need devote our personal time to supporting our dogs.
2) We are having to look for experience and responsible dependable families who can manage to support our dogs.
3) We can not knowingly place families out of their depth or comfort zones.
4) We not only need our families to root in and step forwards for our dogs they need to talk the talk BUT ALSO walk the walk

Not pursuing an application is not a reflection on these families. It is a reflection on our dog's needs and as GUARDIANS of our dogs needs we need to match. We stand forwards for deathrow dogs., however understanding their needs we can match a family that can meet our dog's specific needs... and the homing looks easy and natural... because it is.
Don't forget Jeeves in his own home
Don't forget Jeeves in his own home
2nd vetting On this level the Homing Questionnaires are allocated that look most promising matches for our current dogs. Our populations of dogs change so we hold these questionnaires for up to 6 months then they are deleted. However after about 3 to 4 weeks of holding them, we email the families to check their availability. Many will get moved to NFA if the family do not reply to us after a week, or let us know they are no longer searching. The number of homing questionnaire allocated relates to available capacity within the Homing Team. The homing questionnaire we haven't been able to allocated after a month usually have more complexities with their life circumstances eg live-in and regularly visiting children. other pets, hours left, lack of dog ownership recent experience. The higher the expectations placed on our dogs the more difficult it is to place knowing the homing can succeed. We often get far down the line with a family to find actually they do want their dog to have freedom off lead or their garden is not secure or they are set on an age range which doesn't match their expectations from their new dog.

Here are 25 standard NFA closing statements taken from closed Homing Questionnaires.
1) Never owned her own dog but has experience of a friends gsd etc. Works from home, needs bombproof, garden insecure and low fencing plus a neighbour has right of way through her garden (rarely used) but its insecure!
2) NFA No Response email or texts
3) Long convo; Haven't come back to me after week
4) Already adopted (many!!!! of these)
5) Only ever had easy, asked the most challenging behaviour and said chewing and housetraining.
Asked if her dogs showed their teeth and she said not really and mentioned her partner trains gun dogs (labs) and will help her train the dog. Cold as dog will sleep in the kitchen. Said keeps on lead but mentioned a field behind her house for a run around, asked if it was secure and she said "well I think it's secure but there is a bit by the road that people climb over thats pushed down"
so I googled it and it looks totally open by the road. Also visiting dogs.
6) Has 4 kids 3months, 3, 5 7. Never mentioned the young ones on the form!
7) Wants 2-3 yrs and set on that, also only ever looked after her friends Border's and said they are lovely little dogs and would like a trained dog.
8) Have to put off getting a dog as having both knees replaced
9) Called her 3 times and no answer, so let a message and emailed and no response.
10) Said they adopted but had to send the dog back so not now looking.
11) "Hi X,Thankyou for getting back to me, we do have a new member joining our family very soon. Best wishes Cx
12) Gone and got a puppy
13) Was suppose to send a garden video so she could come today to meet and walk terriers and haven't heard from her.
14) Want a puppy and all work full time
15) Only have a 3ft fence on one side and also in the process of buying their own home and hope to be moving soon. So advised to wait until they move and have settled.
16) Sent an email on the 'date' as they needed to replace the back gate, Haven't come back so NFA
17) Said she looked after the friends terrier cross and she would shoot off everywhere but would eventually come back.
Said she would keep on lead but not convince.
18) Got a rescue dog yesterday from Cyprus
19) Still looking but when I asked about off lead she said a bit of both, as her dogs go out with a dog walker twice a week for a pack walk and are off lead there.
20) Live on the 6th floor with a balcony
21) Garden not suitable for a terrier
22) Only ever had 2 staffie's and was comparing his last one with a Patterdale. When asked about off lead he said if there wasn't any people or dogs around he did have off lead.
23) Her little JRT was off lead, said his recall was awful and could take up to a hour to get him back.
24) Not happy when I called. No Door management
25) Dog novice, want a fluent terrier, but not high energy! Door management wasn't good and the front door leads straight on to the pavement.

We hold our NFA's securely for 6 months. Occasionally we need to resurrect as people's circumstances change and they request revaluation or resubmit and we need to review what factors involved with closure.

In the Homing Team we work to motto's Our dog hasn't waited this long for us to place them at high risk of failure: This is a huge ASK on our dog: Can our dog carry this homing?
Don't forget Pickle in her own home
Don't forget Pickle in her own home
Have a great week thank you for your care and love given to our dogs, at the kennels , in foster, in your home or on our Forum. They deserve the best!