Rescue Remedies Diary January 2021 - April 2021

A behind the scenes look at our work
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Rescue Remedies Diary January 2021 - April 2021

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2021 - April 2021

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Mid January... as I sit here I now know 3 people who have been diagnosed Covid + My accountant for the kennel business; One of our Walkers she seems to be doing well, fortunately no others have have symptoms or positive follow their last visit on the 30th..though one Walker did check out with a test thankfully negative that had vague contact...and then sadly one of our new homers, they are both sick and our dog is providing them with comfort. We had a scare associated with this but all these people involved in the homing be it socially distanced have tested negative. Yes this virus is really on our doorstep now and our hearts go out to all the front line service providers who put themselves at risk as a course of their work.

Thought I would talk about discards, waste and pollution. As you know I feel this acutely and believe it or not I always have from an early age and instinctively have always wanted my footprint on the earth to be as light as possible and hence I never wanted children and have always bought second-hand wherever possible.

Waste food: Bordering on mad I always buy reduced food in the supermarkets knowing they discard so much food and items at the end of the day which can't be sold so my eco footprint is as light as can be. Others don't really understand this but it is obvious to me. In the kennels we receive a lot of food donations which are split bags, closely dated or just out of date items which we put straight into use. I also ask Staff to monitor waste. Sometimes waste tells us clearly what is happening with our dog's health but also their preferences. We need to note and adapt i.e. one dog eats over night when its quiet ...had the staff not picked this up his food would have been repeatedly picked up and discarded. What I feel very acutely being a vegetarian for 50 years now is yes we need to provide our animals with a suitable diet but we need to be honest with ourselves when we have asked animals to sacrifice their lives for provision of another. When we throw away food we have a karmic debit, as that animal who sacrificed their life then is totally treated with disregard, throwing them in the bin. To sacrifice for need is one thing but we need to feel a betrayal if we discard as if sawdust when it is meat products. It takes ingenuity to minimalize waste, but this should be part of the contract and obligation we have associated with that sacrifice. You buy meat: I see flesh arguement. Are we buying too much? Are we putting too much in bowls or on our plate? Acute example of this feeding our outdoor cat the staff were throwing away about 2 table spoons of dry food a day. I have asked them to reduce the amount to the point where it is being eaten and watch the intake of moist food. Our cat maybe showing preference, and we blindly put it down and lift it up without thought.

Waste items: Any item we buy we are asking for the earth's resources to be utilised to produce this items plus all the additional resources used to deliver that item into our care. For example transport fuel delivery the obvious factor: Fuel of raw items; fuel of manufactured items; fuel to heat or refrigerate premises: fuel to collect items/ or for them to be delivered to home address. We have always got our tennis balls from tennis clubs who discard them. Innocently someone put out an appeal and we received boxes and boxes for newly manufactured tennis balls. It broke my heart one ball manufactured for a 1 days play with one dog then left in the environment for the next 1000 years. A second-hand ball gives our dog pleasure on its passage, having already served its life.

Dog Pooh: Why are we/ you wrapping dog pooh up in plastic? And wrapping it up in new plastic. Moved aside on to waste land, it breaks down in 2 weeks to become part of nature again. Pet hate is the people who wrap it up in new plastic, feeling very virtuous about it and leave somewhere to collect later...and they rarely do or better still hang it up in a tree to brighten all our lives as we walk by. What is amazing you see the pattern of a dog always emptying their bowels at a certain point...wrapped up and hung in the same tree each day so you see one culprit oblivious to others. I always flick off pathways. If in a park I carry old bread bags which again have already had their life. At the kennels we have asked people not to use plastic on site and to take the plastic bags home with them if they insist in wrapping pooh in plastic. Truth is we have to go around picking discarded pooh bags which could spread Covid..and then we have to put them in our cars and make special trips to clear them...NOT NICE. If only people could think a little deeper as to their true impact on the environment and others aesthetically and those who tidy up after them. Yes indeed if you see a pooh bag discarded please pick it up and dispose appropriately and taking care if holding it with a leaf to ensure covid isnt transferred. Rant over.

Yes when it comes to the environment I am very much a humbug. I am the same with presents and 'stuff'. We are constantly being asked if we want items for our dogs; people do like to buy. For the last 17 years we have wanted for nothing due to people's generosity but also have had to find lots of storage for well meaning donations, surplus to requirements. We would always prefer the actual money to pay the bills and help another dog. Put it this way I have never needed to ask for donations of goods. Yes we do buy items which are pertinent to our dogs safety...the correct harnesses; the correct collars and muzzles. These are all universal; durable items when up against hard wear within the kennel environment.

So if I have helped you think again and use your bread bags for pooh or better still get a stick and flick pooh to the side that is great. If you hesitate to buy new when you can pick it up secondhand ..great!

We all have a lot on our minds at the moment with the Virus...we all need to play it VERY VERY safe for the next 6-8 months to save lives. We all need to get through this being the ones that stop the virus spreading, by our example to others, and by reigning in our activities to the bare essentials

Our homing rate is 3 to 4 a week which is good with the new restrictions in place. That means we are able to help 3 to 4 dogs a week. We all love helping our dogs and making their stay with us as enjoyable as they can be. Thank you everyone...I know quite a few are having to watch from a far with the new restrictions but stay with us and cheer our dogs on into their homes. They need you!
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