We are very sorry to report that we have been the victims of increasingly unpleasant hate crime recently including cyber bullying by internet trolls and data protection violations.

As a consequence we have been left with no alternative but to close our Forum Platform and Social Media accounts until further notice.

A reminder to all visitors to our web sites that our data must not be copied and is subject to data protection rules. Thank you Webmaster

We thank our loyal volunteers for their hard work supporting our Rescue.
We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the hundreds of messages, calls, love, gifts and flowers. Please be aware we are still operational with our hundreds of regal and devoted volunteers who are enabling us to save lives, expanding our dog’s fortunes and finding our dog’s their forever homes

We know how heartbreaking it is for you and our hundreds of supporters to find the Forum closed. We will reopen once we have resolved this matter. We stand with our many friends who run other Rescues, the RSCPA, Local Authorities Dog Wardens, those who save from the pounds and find safe Rescue places for dogs, and our vet and police colleagues. They all remain solidly behind us. We also praise other Rescues who have needed to resist similar hate groups and stand in solidarity and are are humbled by their efforts to stand firm Lynne and all our wonderful, wonderful supports
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