Elsa Staffie DofB 04.14 Bow East London

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Elsa Staffie DofB 04.14 Bow East London

Postby xxlynne » Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:32 pm

Current Status: Homed


Elsa's Story : Elsa. Rescued, Megan Mastiff joining her from another Rescue later: One owner was terminally ill & the other unable to keep them. They were signed over to a vets to try & get them a Rescue place: Rescue Remedies offered a Rescue place saving her life. Elsa is spayed; chipped and vaccinated. Elsa was in boarding kennels in Guildford

PLEASE NOTE: Dog laws have changed with zero public tolerance and prejudice against bull breeds and terriers. Our Rescue asks new owners to maintain dogs on lead in public spaces and manage encounters for at least 4 months until sure of their dogs instincts & skills, some need to be retained always on a lead, so as not to place dog's lives at risk, (Destruction or Control Orders are common place nowadays).

***PLEASE HELP OUR LONG STAY DOGS: Our min. adoption donation £175, which supports our work and Is non returnable. We will offer an alternative dog should our dog not settle given adequate time and reassurance. Rescue Remedies offers their dogs back up for life and exist on the goodwill of our supporters and volunteers.

Please click for Elsa's thread for regular updates, new pictures and videos. To apply to home a dog, you must be ready within 7 days and complete a homing questionnaire submitted Online We work fast to secure our dogs their loving homes and can be talking to up to 10 families at any one time. Please remain open: We have the dogs we have. Our dogs need a supportive family to offer patience, time & tolerance to allow them to settle.

Elsa's progress through our Rescue below
Original Referral information : We work with our dogs & often reveal a different picture & positive skills as they build trust. 16.11.16: A few weeks ago we had a family member of a client who has their dogs registered with us contact us to put their dogs to sleep, as their owner is in hospital with terminal cancer, and his partner since became very ill. They had contacted the RSPCA, who they had originally re-homed Megan and Elsa from & they refused to take them back, as well as many other rescues who would not take them either. As we know the dogs well, and they are both lovely and healthy, our vet refused to put them to sleep without trying our best to find new homes for them. They are both now signed over to us and we have contacted many other rescues but no others can take them, and we really do not want to have to put them to sleep.
Elsa is a Staffie born 04.15 and Megan is a Bull Mastiff born 02.13. Both are female neutered and vaccinated. They have both lived with cats, and have had no problems with other dogs. Both have lovely temperaments, Megan can get anxious around new
people but is not aggressive, and warms to you once she knows you.

I was wondering if Rescue Remedies are able to take them on and find them new homes? We are able to transport them to you if you can take them. Kind Regards E x
Megan came into Rescue with her

Elsa & Megan come this week they are being kept at the vets until
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Re: Elsa Staffie DofB 04.14 Brighton E Sussex Foster

Postby xxlynne » Wed Feb 01, 2017 5:18 pm

Elsa has done really well in the home living with children and a terrier. She has done really outside meeting dogs but was not 100% with the dog walker amongst a group of 8 dogs with an off lead dog entering their space!

We are looking forward to meeting Elsa again and she has proved she has soo much to offer.
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Re: Elsa Staffie DofB 04.14 Brighton E Sussex Foster

Postby sweetpea » Wed Feb 01, 2017 6:13 pm

Lets hope her forever home isnt far away ...proven with other dogs is a massive plus for her love4.gif
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Re: Elsa Staffie DofB 04.14 Brighton E Sussex Foster

Postby Jojo18 » Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:23 pm

Elsa is a small lady with a big personality , she's adorable , very friendly loves cuddles and a good back rub , she was very interested in her surroundings on the walk today and seemed to take everything in , sights, smells other walkers. Hope she gets a home soon
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Re: Elsa Staffie DofB 04.14 Guildford Kenns

Postby pits » Sat Feb 11, 2017 3:58 pm

Today I took Elsa for a walk. She's a beautiful dog with the cutest big ears. She's smaller than I imagined. It was a very cold snowy day and she was a little stressed or excited today I think, I think still a bit stressed by the changes in her life and going into kennels. She's a sweet dog though and I know would make an awesome companion to share life with for a lucky someone out there. Here's some photos I took of her:

Lovely big radar detecting ears

Slightly unimpressed by stopping for photos

We stopped in a bridge arch for more photos

Sweet girl
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Re: Elsa Staffie DofB 04.14 Guildford Kenns

Postby kae76 » Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:51 pm

Gawsh those ears & sparkly eyes! Good luck Elsa xx
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Re: Elsa Staffie DofB 04.14 Guildford Kenns

Postby Megan » Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:44 am

I'm in love..... again

After Pippin's departure to her lovely new forever home, I didn't think I'd bond with another pooch for a little while, but Elsa is absolutely adorable.

We went on a long walk Monday morning/lunchtime and had a brilliant time.

We met other staffies, a sausage dog and a couple of westies, all with absolutely no issues or upsets, just lots of playful bounding around and excited waggy tails.

Elsa does pull initially on a route that she knows, but as we got farther and farther from the kennels, she eased up a bit and I found that she trotted along quite contented at going my pace, unless there was someone/another dog up ahead that she desperately wanted to meet!!

Elsa is an absolute joy and would make a wonderful addition to any home.

I cannot wait to see her again; James is meeting her on Sunday to make sure they get on before I ask to foster her over some weekends. Fingers crossed we can offer this amazing girl a place to relax away from the stress of kennel life, even for just a few nights at a time. :crossfingers.gif:
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Re: Elsa Staffie DofB 04.14 Guildford Kenns

Postby Chrissy M » Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:31 pm

What a lovely looking girl Elsa is ! Fingers crossed you can give her some respite every now and then :D
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Re: Elsa Staffie DofB 04.14 Guildford Kenns

Postby Megan » Tue Feb 21, 2017 11:30 am

Myself and James took Elsa for a long walk on Sunday and had a lovely time.

Elsa is very keen to meet everyone and wanted to play with every dog we came across, which although very sweet, is sometimes mistaken for wanting to cause trouble, bless her. Once people recognised that she wouldn't hurt a fly, however, they understood that she was just a young girl wanting to play and say hello.

We haven't had a problem with a single dog that Elsa has met - she always wants to play and is always very friendly thumbs.gif

She's a real 'go-getter', so could probably do with some lead training, which I have started off. 0028.gif Who can blame her though when there's so much around to explore!!

She was very VERY interested in the people rowing on the water, and did take a dip in the river at one point because she wasn't watching where she was going. I hauled her out and checked her over to make sure she was ok - she looked embarrassed for maybe 1 nano-second, and then shook herself off and carried on...! :smiley-chores002.gif:

I have noticed that Elsa is actually quite accident prone because she is so interested in everything else... she tends not to look where she's walking, bless her.

We're really looking forward to hopefully being able to offer Elsa some respite away from kennels soon as she's lost a little weight, even since last time I saw her.

Lovely little Elsa, love4.gif love4.gif love4.gif
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Re: Elsa Staffie DofB 04.14 Guildford Kenns

Postby lucyloo » Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:11 pm

Walked this beauty today. She reminds me of a Frenchie with those ears, but she is a small staffie. She is very compact and perfectly manageable. Such a happy little dog.

And best of all, she has lived with another dog and cats, which increases her homing possibilities. I hope that she doesn't have to wait too long.
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Re: Elsa Staffie DofB 04.14 Guildford Kenns

Postby staffylevi » Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:22 am

Those ears!!! love4.gif What a gawjus girl... Come on forever family where are you??? Just in case you're viewing here's the link to our on line homing questionnaire...

https://rescueremedies.wufoo.com/forms/ ... stionnaire

Doin' it for the staffies ...
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Re: Elsa Staffie DofB 04.14 Bow East London

Postby MrsP » Sat Mar 04, 2017 6:49 pm

Amy & Nic spent two hours getting to know Elsa with me this morning to make sure that they were all right for each other: Well the answer was a resounding yes! Elsa is full of enthusiasm and needs support with her eagerness, Amy & Nic were able to see this but also how lovely she was with her friend Buddie. They'll learn and grow as a family love4.gif


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aaaaaaand a little "we've arrived home" piccie
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