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Re: Big Bruce Staffie DofB 2010 Guildford Kenns

Postby MrsP » Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:06 pm

Our Big baby Bruce is making more and more friends and showing what an outstanding dog he is. He looks amazing at the moment as you'll see from his photos taken at the Christmas filming day.......
having an ear scratch

the little smile that he always seems to have nowadays

giving me a squish

aaaaan sit, WHAT A GOOD BOY! Yeah I love him buckets.
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Re: Big Bruce Staffie DofB 2010 Guildford Kenns

Postby bobbyuk » Wed Dec 28, 2016 2:10 pm

MrsP wrote:is it our Bruce? I love that boy!

Hey Mrs P. If I could add something. I have walked Bruce for the last 2 1/2 years ever since I was asked to transport him from one of the other kennels he was in under Safe and Sound to a vet close to me to evaluate his leg and to get him neutered. It was then that I fell in love with him. The vet asked me if I would wait with him until his aenesthetic shot took effect so they could neuter him. We sat out in the waiting room and he slumped against my leg and I caught him and cushioned his fall. The next day I took him back to his kennels and Amanda from Safe and Sound asked me if I would walk him a couple of times a month. The kennels were 90 minutes away from me and due to me working shift work that was all I could do. I was saddened when he went to Milton Keynes for a spell even though it was at the time thought the best place he could be rehomed.

I brought him down to Guildford and whenever I can I spend time with him. It's only a 50 minute drive but it is time well spent. There is a field that a lady who runs a doggy day care rents out for a tenner an hour. I take our own dogs there and on a couple of occasions, I took Bruce there. It's a TOTALLY SECURE field and it is 4 acres. He loved it!!! He got to spend an hour running care free around this field and sniffed all the brand new smells. I look forward to doing that this summer if he isn't fostered or adopted.

If I could, I would adopt him in a minute. However, I have 2 dogs at home, one an elderly Lab and the other one a Ridgeback cross which unfortunately is dog reactive. We also have 2 cats. It is my wish that Bruce find a beautiful home with people that love him to bits. For the time being, though I love him to bits and I love spending time with him. It's priceless seeing him at the fence in the outside part of his kennel, leaning against the gate so I can stroke him and kiss him through the mesh; then I tell him to meet me at the other door and he goes running to the inside door and waits for me. Yesterday, when I took him back to the kennel, I got him to sit and stay while I took his harness off and closed the door. Also yesterday, there was a dog in the first kennel that was barking a lot and Bruce went up to the door and sniifed this dog--in fact, they sniffed each other. That's the first time I had ever seen him do that.

As I said, I hope someone adopts this great big cuddly boy. It will be bittersweet for me when that happens but until then, I will give him all the love and attention he deserves when I go see him.
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Re: Big Bruce Staffie DofB 2010 Guildford Kenns

Postby Sarahk » Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:41 pm

I met the rather wonderful Big Bruce today - what a boy, big strapping handsome lad love4.gif

Oh and did he love the treats ! Looking up as per that last shot and took them sooo gently thumbs.gif
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Re: Big Bruce Staffie DofB 2010 Guildford Kenns

Postby MrsP » Sat Jan 14, 2017 7:26 pm

I took Bruce to the pub today as there was a little walkers get together, we didn't stay long as I had doggies to walk and trains to catch, but he had the most magnificent time. He did want to get up on the pub furniture though so it's safe to say he'd be sofa dog thumbs.gif

Here he is taking in the environment, sat nicely, good boy
BB pub1.jpg

Sharing the love with Dymphna whilst I cuddled him on my lap love4.gif
BB pub2.jpg

BB pub3.jpg
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Re: Big Bruce Staffie DofB 2010 Guildford Kenns

Postby MrsP » Sat Feb 11, 2017 11:20 pm

Big Bruce and his oldest pal 'bobbyuk' love4.gif
BB and Bob.jpg

Bob is getting to know our other dogs too, but Big Bruce will always be his favourite boy thumbs.gif
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Re: Big Bruce Staffie DofB 2010 Guildford Kenns

Postby Jojo18 » Sun Mar 26, 2017 6:49 pm

I've been honoured to meet and walk the adorable Big Bruce recently .He has very endearing qualities , loves human contact sits and leans against you for cuddles and affection , walks happily past joggers, cyclists with barely a look in there direction. He's a pleasure to walk and not a strong puller as stated in earlier posts. He has a sadness to him and would love a comfortable home of his own .
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Re: Big Bruce Staffie DofB 2010 Guildford Kenns

Postby Nurse Flo » Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:42 pm

I had a lovely walk in the Spring sunshine with this lad recently.
He is such a friendly lad and being in one of the kennels closest to the entrance gate, every week I love seeing his smiling face and very waggy tail as I enter the kennel block.
Bruce is a bit bigger than your "standard" Staffie but you would not know it from walking him. He seemed pleased to be out and about and he walked confidently and happily with his kennel mate Lucky.
Bruce didn't bat an eyelid at anything that we encountered on our walk - how fab!
We had a few moments together at the end of the walk where he leant into my legs while I had a chat with him. So adorable and so loving.
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