Dylan Staffie DOB ?2012 Gatwick Kenns

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Dylan Staffie DOB ?2012 Gatwick Kenns

Postby xxlynne » Wed Apr 06, 2016 7:26 pm

Current Status: Available


Dylan needs a supportive family to offer time and tolerance to allow their new dog to settle. NB Our Rescue asks owners to maintain dogs on lead in public spaces and manage encounters, as dog law changes place dog's lives at greater risk.

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Known background: Dylan's owner died, he was given to drug dealers and handed back to family terrified. He was kept in the empty flat until it had to be given back. We stepped forwards to offer a Rescue place and save Dylan's life. Dylan has been in emergency kennels awaiting for a kennel to become free from us, so now transport being arranged. Dylan will be neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated.

Dylan has already come a long way from the time his owner died & in desperation was given to druggies who neglected him and abused him. He is learning to trust again but needs just the right family to nurture and understand his frailties. Dylan is 200 % Staffie in affection...but is actively searching for love & stability. A little boy lost who needs to find himself in a family enveloped in love. Mr Tambourine

Visit Dylan's thread for daily updates, lots of pictures and videos. Please click to submit Online Application We will match you with a dog that suits your lifestyle, please remain open we successfully home 350 dogs per annum. We work fast to secure our dogs their loving homes.

***PLEASE HELP: We have to ask for suggested min. donation £175 at the time of adoption, to support so many dogs in kennels. We have no state sponsorship and exist on the goodwill of the public and our supporters. Rescue Remedies offers their dogs back up for life.

Dylan's Thread below: Watch progress through our Rescue Original Referral: Please remember this is the information we received from the referrer. Once a dog is with us and we begin to work with them and unpack them they can and often do reveal positive skills trust and transform behaviours March 2016: Hi Lynne sorry but I have to ask you for help just been alerted to a little tiny Staffie boy! He is abandoned in a flat, owner has died and is a complete mess!!!! Dylan is not microchipped nor is he neutered. So we need to move him urgently. The owner's daughter had given him to some drug dealers who have given him back and we have had an independent assessor go in to see him. They said he has clearly been beaten and battered around the head since the owner has died and is just absolutely terrified. The owner's daughter is too scared of him to go into the flat so they are leaving food and water down for him and newspaper to toilet on the poor little thing in there and has been in there on his own since owner Ill/died. Lynne I am absolutely begging you for help I really really want to get this little dog out today I am desperate to save his life they are putting to sleep at the end of the week. Cathy xxxx

We stepped forwards for Dylan and transport is being arranged
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Re: Dylan Staffie DOB Leics Pound Transport being arranged

Postby MandaTK » Wed Apr 06, 2016 7:32 pm

Darling little Dylan. This not only makes me sad but a want to cuddle little Dylan and make him feel safe. come and see us at RR and find love and happiness you gorgeous little boy. Your days of abuse are over. Endless love xxxxxxxxxx
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Re: Dylan Staffie DOB Leics Pound Transport being arranged

Postby kashers » Thu Apr 07, 2016 5:55 am

Poor poor boy. Lots of love Dylan x
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Re: Dylan Staffie DOB Leics Pound Transport being arranged

Postby jacnmrb » Thu Apr 07, 2016 7:11 am

Poor baby; you'll soon be away from fear and loved.
Thank you soooooo much, Lynne xx
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Re: Dylan Staffie DOB Leics Pound Transport being arranged

Postby pigpogdoo » Thu Apr 07, 2016 1:22 pm

Terrible past, but this is now behind you now sweet boy. You will be enveloped in love for the rest of your life Kiss of love.gif xx
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Re: Dylan Staffie DOB Leics Pound comes 9th Apr

Postby Chapmania » Fri Apr 08, 2016 9:41 pm

Poor, poor boy. Dylan must be so confused right now. Bless his little heart. You are coming to the best place Dylan. We will love and care for you until your forever home is found. Kiss of love.gif xx
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Re: Dylan Staffie DOB TBAss Chessington Kenns

Postby xxlynne » Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:22 pm

Dylan is a heart breaker...he carries his sad past but his Staffie love is there when he relaxes.

Early days: Scott couldnt get the trust and stillness required to put a harness on, so played it calm and friendly and lead Dylan up by his collar. Dylan showed interest in the middle crate but no wasn't going to jump in so we presented him with another crate in the back of of the dog mobile and with a little magic he found himself in the crate and heading to our vets. He is all over the place when on a lead and he reminds me of Diesel who has just come into us, both over awed by the being involved in ordinary experiences again having come out of the darkness. Dylan did very well in the vets and we managed to slip a muzzle on and he had premed. When you have a nervous dog you have to really think through things thoroughly and we agreed to do neuter, chip and 1st vax...+ a very thorough health overview whilst he was under eg anal glands ears teeth etc. as he isnt going to deal to too intrusive examinations after. I drove away only to remember new collar with disc and harness, placed on him whilst under, as we are going to leave his harness on him for ease for walks. I drove back and found Dylan had been done, all was well. I put his new collar and harness on whilst he was wobbling around recovering from the GenA. He had lots of nose to nose encounters with Babs through her vet door very friendly. Bless his heart. With a little help he went back into the back crate.

We drove to drop Mika off and collect Poppy & Beau then took them to the vets for 2nd vax...then dropped them off and drove on to Gatwick and dropped my front passenger Daisy to Gat. So Mr Man would you like to join me in the front? ..yes he would. Dylan was soon trusting and I was getting licks whenever I called him a good boy he couldn't get enough affection! A little active for the front seat and did get his restraining lead wrapped about his leg on one occasion but did settle to watch the moving scenery and we were close friends by the end.
Dylan (5).jpg
Dylan (4).jpg
Dylan (1).jpg
Dylan (7).jpg
Dylan (6).jpg
Dylan (8).jpg
Dylan (9).jpg

When we got out at the kennels I gave him his first freedom and he got totally lost in it freedom non responsive to my calls...lovely to see him freewheeling

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So we took Dylan slowly and with caution but actually given time and no restrictive actions he is trusting and friendly. He had a swollen upper muzzle which isn't too noticeable but it must be the result of physical abuse. I purposefully stroked it as I did all over he is welcoming to kindness and affirming physical touch. Not closed down just his mind a little amazed and overawed and in that way he needs to go slowly, as he learns Rescue is a new life filled with loving kindness.
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Re: Dylan Staffie DOB TBAss Chessington Kenns

Postby LizS » Fri Apr 15, 2016 8:00 pm

I was so sad to hear poor Dylan's story, I just wanted to take him out and give him lots of cuddles. He seemed quite happy to meet me, he came over briefly for a couple of cuddles but then he was off sniffing around and exploring. We passed a couple of other dogs on our walk but he wasn't bothered by them. After walking for a bit I tried to take a couple of pics, he wasn't ready to pose for pics just yet as there was still a lot of exploring to do but he came over and gave me a few staffie kisses Kiss of love.gif On the way back we came to a road and a car was coming so I stopped and told him to sit which he did straight away, such a good boy love4.gif

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Re: Dylan Staffie DOB TBAss Chessington Kenns

Postby helenmc2003 » Sat Apr 16, 2016 6:11 pm

Poor Dylan has had such a bad time. I walked him this afternoon and he was friendly and trusting. By the end of our walk we were good friends. He's a sweet boy. He didn't feel like posing for the camera but I did get a handsome profile shot which I will try to post.
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Re: Dylan Staffie DOB TBAss Chessington Kenns

Postby Sarahk » Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:51 pm

I loved meeting Dylan on Friday at Chessington, he seems to be settling in and was very happy to say hello, he loves Lynne, leant into her as he posed for the camera, heart warming :smiley-love014.gif:
oh, and they do say the eyes have it ... they do in Dylans case, isn't he Gorgeous with a capital G !! love4.gif

Dylan our brown eyed boy Kiss of love.gif
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Re: Dylan Staffie DOB TBAss Chessington Kenns

Postby JSTA » Mon May 02, 2016 9:34 am


Dylan seemed raring to go out for a walk today. We walked through the streets to the country park - without being told Dylan showed impeccable manners and sat at the kerb waiting to cross the road.
He seemed a friendly chap.

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Re: Dylan Staffie DOB TBAss Chessington Kenns

Postby SarahW » Mon May 02, 2016 8:14 pm

What a beautiful smile Dylan has and it looks like he knows he is safe and life will just get better and better. Sending you internet kisses Dylan. Kiss of love.gif
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