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Dogs that will soon arrive in our care
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Waiting List

Post by xxlynne » Mon Jan 21, 2019 6:00 pm

Waiting List as of 21.01.19

Our waiting list remains our focus. Last week we took three from Broxbourne, Eadie TR from our council contract, Poppy from her own home, and Mya from the vets who was taken to be PTS due to accommodation loss. And finally Harvey was returned to us.

Broxbourne List:
Staffies male
B&T Mastiff
Patterdale male
Buster Mastiff x
Royce RR
Hugo SR

Marshall RR 25

Intake Imminent:
Blacka SR

Further Waiting List:
Princess AmBull
Two dogs from Wales
Waffles RR 21
Amber SR S&S
Kye RR M
Darcey Shar pei
King RR Orchard
Nellie RR DS
Buddy RR DS
Max Elderly
Plus, 7+ dogs currently held in their Own Homes

The Waiting List is still closed, though a few have burst through, as their lives have depended on it.

This week we will focus on three on our list as kennels become available, and three Welsh dogs

Our present dilemma is the number of Homing Questionnaires waiting for our attention. We have had 224 HQs in since January 1st. We are homing our dogs - 12 Homings last week, and one into trial adoption!

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